Pure Paternal Love

Pure Paternal Love

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99/365 - "Pure Paternal Love"

This painting is really reflective of this project...Your child is lay there and stare at carry them all over the house...people praise you and them...wanna come look at them...want pictures... Before they can walk come the..."where they goin to school," "don.t wait too long to potty train," "blah, blah"

You gotta make sure you worry about your babies and their surroundings. What they need is what you see in this painting. Pure paternal love! But they only get that if you rest. Y.all seen tired new moms. It ain.t always pretty...LOL! Dad with that new primal stress and worry of providing for his new one. Meanwhile, that baby grows everyday. For the first 70, I was painting, staring at Facebook for replies, tryin to email everybody, hearing what I need to do with the pics. Then I stop feeding my baby, not Sleepin, stressing over what.s next. But know that, I.m still excited, just realizin I am missing the point and the mission. Paint one everyday to honor thr present black father. PERIOD. all else is secondary. Just finished 99 on the 111th day of the year. Not bad, but not my mission. Worryin bout tweetin, calendars, open or lim ed prints, portraits or no portraits, light skin, dark skin...the list goes on. Thank God for you all, your pics and stories. Saving my need to come up with images. The response from the actual families are priceless...

Right now,

  • gotta keep plugging away...
  • ship the paintings more regularly,
  • fulfill Kickstarter rewards...
  • and keep painting.

Not worrying bout calendars, t shirts and stuff until I get ahead of schedule. I paint everyday! And look forward to a fresh canvas...

starting 100 NOW with that pure paternal LOVE!


  • Size: 18x24
  • Day : Sunday, April 08, 2012

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