First Supper

First Supper

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This brother's expecting his first child. Get your feeding position ready. No better time than this for your little one to stare on your eyes as they slowly drift off while that tummy fills. Then you gotta master the burp so you only get smacked with warm milk breath, minus a little substance.


Side note: Why focus on black fathers and families?

A woman came to the register and asked our counter charmer about 365 Days with Dad.

After her explanation, the woman says, "My son's daughter is from Africa and she's unlike any other black person. In the words of Katt Williams,"

Wait for it ... Wait for it ...

She said, "She has a heart of gold!"

And THAT ladies and gentlemen is why we only have black art on the walls.

Battling IGNORANCE!! Daily...


  • Size: 18 x 24
  • Day : Saturday, December 15, 2012

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