The Foundation

The Foundation

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52/365 - "The Foundation"

Today I got the opportunity to speak with my kid's school, City Garden Montessori, which we have been a part of for some 8 years. First as a private preschool, then as a charter school, of which my wife was among the parents that initiated the creation of the grade school we now attend. So today, I was asked to paint on site and talk to EACH class. (By the way, I loved it!) On arrival, I forgot my sketch (Divine Intervention). Minutes B4 starting, Mr. Pat asked if I wanted a pic with my kids to use. at first I said no, had plans for day 366 to include my kids, but then submitted. Didn't realize I was adding my boys to one of the most important chapters in my career and job as their dad.

This piece will forever symbolize 365DWD. AND! My boys developed their love of reading at this school, not to mentioned my wife and I have always read to them at home. So they have had a strong foundation in the written word. All read above grade level, and LOVE going to the library. Thank you City Garden. And especially, thank you Birago and Ajani for putting the cherry on top of an already sweet day. Love y'all!


  • Size: 18x24
  • Day : Tuesday, February 21, 2012

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