I See Our Future

I See Our Future

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9/365 - "I see our future"

Tonight.s a hard one y'all. I first want to say "happy birthday lil sis!" This piece in honor of our dad that we lost in 1983. I learned later in life that he suffered from manic depression and committed suicide. He survived but lost a.battle against pnemonia on his way back to the states from Korea. I ran home when I turned 11 because he was going to take me to get a new military id. I never saw him again. I came home to my mom saying he got bad food poisoning. He drank drano. Because of the after effects, my mom didn't want us to see him that way. Next time I saw him was in a coffin...

In this piece, my sister is pointing to our bright future. He has a tear and is not fully faced that way because he knows he won.t be there with us. Dad, I have never been mad at you. Deep down, I know you thought we would be better off without you. U had love behind the pain.

This project will only project black men because I know the hurt our boys and girls are feeling with their dad not there. My wife got rejected as an adult by a man in the same damn city as his grown daughter. These paintings are 365 examples of the life experiences black youth should have or can provide for their kids when they get older. I am a military child, I have true friends of all walks of life. Please don.t feel excluded. The black community NEEDS strong black images of dad to fight the bullshit we have been through and continue to put ourselves through. WE are changing the world one image at a time!


  • Day : Monday, January 09, 2012

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