Reflection Hoped For

Reflection Hoped For

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207/365 - "Reflection Hoped For"

This is a response to a request made in the beginning of the year by my girl Marley. She wanted me to do a piece for those who never met their dad or at least had no memory. Wasn't.quite sure how to address it. Well, Webster High School purchased a day and gave me some freedom. Most people want school themes or reading, but that's not the only way to create an educational piece. That age is more complex and I believe this piece in itself is educational and can help heal.

I imagine a brother seeing himself in the mirror and wondering what his kids look like. He sees this image to ease his mind though we know folks in their thirties that are still pissed at having dad's absence as their childhood memory. As dads, we want to look in the mirror knowing we helped create an idea of stability in our kids. Smiles like that come from deeds and memory. We gotta be there for them.

Don't think "their mom is a good woman, I'm sure they are good." No they aren't! CALL or VISIT them! Write a letter. At least try to start some sort of relationship. Join a class. If you are in St. Louis, Fatherhood Support Center can't help you become that dad that wants to be there. But you gotta be there.


  • Size: 18x24
  • Day : Wednesday, July 25, 2012

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