Love You Too Baby Girl

Love You Too Baby Girl

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208/365 - "Love You Too Baby Girl!"

Saying that too my wife, Reine as well ... "I love you too baby girl!"

She has been on my head for weeks about resting more. Thanks to her post, my neighbor's mom thinks I am sick and need spicy soup. Gettin stopped at the gas station and asked "if I'm alright." Y'all sending me messages to rest.


You are right. Dads are needed 365 days a year and these paintings are the testimony. But it's already began healing some of you. It's inspired other artists. It is working. I need not work myself to a stroke. I laugh, but know those jokers can sneak up on you. I'm a 40 year old man with a wife and three kids and provide through the brush. This series is expensive and the $215 per painting doesn't go far. I've been wanting to hurry to the finish line and get this book going so I can feel like that provider. I've wanted the wow factor of finishing to get me national press so I can have great book sales and travel the country and come visit you all face-to-face and be that provider.

Driving myself crazy is what I'm doing. I need to focus on painting and have Faith!

The pieces you love are available as limited edition prints at

25/365 - "Enjoying Life's Magic" is at 43/100. That's the favorite so far. If you buy at least two, I'll wave the shipping.

Gonna approach the project a little smarter so for many more years to come I can continue to say, "I love you too baby girl."


  • Size: 18x24
  • Day : Thursday, July 26, 2012

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