The Groomer

The Groomer

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276/365 - "The Groomer"

You either have been groomed, are intentionally grooming, or are grooming unintentionally.

It is a powerful testimony to know you are doing it and own it.

We are always molding someone.

You are someone's example on how to be, whether you know it or not.

Be intentional.

This painting is inspiring one of my 6x8ft paintings to come in the next year.

We need "groomers" in the major museums of the world.

Kerry James Marshall is in St. Louis and said the other night ... "At 24x36, you don't mean it. Now at 6x8ft! You mean it. They can't ignore you at that size."

Radcliffe Bailey told me over 10 years ago not to wait for a mural request to go big. Do it! And then I just received all this free canvas (some are 9x16ft) and subject matter.

The stars are lining up. Time to be!!


  • Size: 18 x 24
  • Day : Tuesday, October 02, 2012

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